Thursday, December 29, 2011


Take joy in the little victories in your life.  That is what I hope to do in the new year.  We all have different definitions of victory.  Of course when I think of the word victory I think of “winning” something; coming in first place or at least beating someone else.  But it is so much more than that.  A true victory is accomplishing something you may not really have a desire to do.  It is easy to train for a marathon if you are a runner, or train for a swim meet if you love the water.  But how easy is it to really work at something you don’t like? 
True victories come from struggles to just make it through sometimes.  True victories also come from failures.  A victory can come in the form of a kind word when you really don’t feel like talking.  Or taking a few extra minutes out of your day to help someone else when all you want to do is go home and curl up on the couch.  A victory can come when you say I’m sorry, I was wrong, or I forgive you.  A victory may come in the form of saying no to something you know is not right or is not good for you.  A victory can also come from saying yes, or I will try my best. 

For some people getting out of bed and choosing to move forward is just as big of a victory as winning a gold medal.  We all have our challenges and our battles that we must fight within ourselves.  Remember the song “Victory in Jesus”?  I am reminded that I don’t have to be the best at everything I do to be victorious in my life.  My victory comes in Jesus who “sought me and bought me with His redeeming blood.” 

As the New Year approaches remember that we can be victorious daily when we ask for the help of the one who experienced the ultimate victory over death.   Face the challenges in your life head on and appreciate each victory, no matter how big or small it might seem. 



Sunday, December 18, 2011

In a moment the shepherds stirred, the angels sang
The star shined bright, the heavens rang
In a moment a mother cried, a child was born
The earth stood still
On that Christmas morn
In a moment He walked the earth and showed his worth
His fate sealed with His human birth
In a moment He was a man and lived as one
Yet He cured the sick, a heavenly son
In a moment He felt a kiss that sealed His fate
He prayed for all for His Father’s sake
In a moment He felt the nails as they pierced His hands
His life He gave for woman and man
In a moment He listened to His mother’s cries
She felt His pain, with every sigh
In a moment He laid in a grave so bare and cold
Just like the stable so long ago,
But now His time had come to win
Salvation for all the souls of men.
And so He rose with Heavenly Grace
The love of His Father in every place
Don’t let the moments pass you by
As you live your life and as you try
For every moment stands in time
As one continuous heartfelt rhyme
 For He is waiting and He will come
At any moment to take us home.

Wishing you peaceful moments,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

How Did I Get Here?


Have you ever ended up somewhere you didn’t want to be and you’re not quite sure how you got there?  This is my dog Ellie, and my son-in-law likes to put her in “time out” in some very strange places.  She looks like “what just happened to minute I’m running down the road free as a bird, and next minute I’m stuck up here!”  As funny as this may seem, I think we have all been in Ellie’s spot at one time or another.  We tend to do what we want, when we want to, and we fail to think of the consequences.  We get ourselves in some pretty hairy spots. We don’t know how to get out of them without someone reaching out their hand and helping us.  Isn’t that the way it is with God?  He is always reaching out his hand to get us out of the hole we dug for ourselves, back to the shore when we are up a creek, and down from the tree when we are out on a limb.  Ellie was eventually taken down and went on her happy little way, and I bet she will run down the street again , but at least she has someone to save her from herself.
I’m glad we do too!
·         Peace,
K    Kelly

Top of Form

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My husband has the privilege of giving communion to the residents of a local nursing home once a month, and I have the honor of helping! We went this past Sunday and I continue to be touched by the intellect and helplessness of some of the people who attend. My husband presented a question to the group by asking, “What can we give Jesus for His birthday?” Some of the residents muttered their answers under their breath while others sat, looking as if they were deep in thought. However this one beautiful lady, who was born with cerebral palsy, and could hardly speak, managed to say loudly, “OURSELVES”. Now that was the answer I was thinking of, but to hear it come from someone whose body was twisted and deformed from years of living with her condition, and who remained in constant pain, touched me. Her comment opened my eyes, and I saw her in a way I had never seen her before. I didn’t see a woman in a wheel chair, trapped in a body that didn’t work, or a woman who could not take care of the simplest of her needs. Instead I saw a woman who had the faith and the insight of a saint. I saw a woman whom God made and whom God loved. I don’t understand why Judy was born with this terrible handicap, but I do know that she has been blessed by God’s unconditional love, and she has blessed others with her childlike faith. If we could all understand what Judy seems to know so well, we would know that it doesn’t matter who we are or how we look. Jesus just wants us! What a great gift! Share His gift with others this holiday season and feel his blessings!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dig In

 Recently, my daughter got me a new Bible for my birthday this year.  It is the Life Application Study Bible, and I really love it.  It is full of so much background information and insight to what the verses are saying…very easy for me to understand.  As I was reading in it this morning I started to underline a passage that seemed important, but then I stopped.  I stopped because I didn’t want to “ruin” the pages in my beautiful new Bible!  How crazy is that?  You see my “old” Bible was full of highlighted passages, and notes scribbled around the pages.  Some pages were worn and the cover was torn.  Not very “pretty”.  So I really wanted to keep my Bible looking as new as possible.   I admit that I sometimes look at other people’s Bibles in Sunday School class or a Bible Study and think “wow, you should really take better care of such an important book.”  But is that what God wants us to do?  Does He want His word to be put on a shelf and only pulled out carefully when we want something good to read, or does He want us to get our hands dirty, and really dig into His word.  The pages of a Bible are just that, pages.  But the words of the Bible are truth.  A truth that needs to be highlighted, underlined and marked in our hearts.

I can’t wait to “ruin” my Bible and turn the pages with my dirty hands.   In God’s eyes, a well worn Bible is a sign of a well worn life, and that is beautiful and new to Him.