Sunday, December 18, 2011

In a moment the shepherds stirred, the angels sang
The star shined bright, the heavens rang
In a moment a mother cried, a child was born
The earth stood still
On that Christmas morn
In a moment He walked the earth and showed his worth
His fate sealed with His human birth
In a moment He was a man and lived as one
Yet He cured the sick, a heavenly son
In a moment He felt a kiss that sealed His fate
He prayed for all for His Father’s sake
In a moment He felt the nails as they pierced His hands
His life He gave for woman and man
In a moment He listened to His mother’s cries
She felt His pain, with every sigh
In a moment He laid in a grave so bare and cold
Just like the stable so long ago,
But now His time had come to win
Salvation for all the souls of men.
And so He rose with Heavenly Grace
The love of His Father in every place
Don’t let the moments pass you by
As you live your life and as you try
For every moment stands in time
As one continuous heartfelt rhyme
 For He is waiting and He will come
At any moment to take us home.

Wishing you peaceful moments,

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