Tuesday, May 8, 2012

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”
Matthew 6: 25-27

This morning I was sitting with a group of ladies on a front porch during a Bible study.  We commented on the beautiful flowers that surrounded us and the singing of the birds.  That led one lady to tell a story about a nest that a bird had built in a low hanging plant in her carport.  She said she enjoyed watching the young birds over time as the mother flew back and forth bringing them food.  As she watched them grow, she noticed that when they were ready to leave the nest and try out their wings, they didn’t go very far.  The nest was too close to the ground. You see young birds don’t have the ability to fly up, only out or down. All they could do was fly around the carport or sit on the ground.  My friend’s husband realized the problem and somehow put the nest with the young birds in it on the edge of the roof.  Soon they took off, flying high and strong. 

I started thinking about that story and realized that I was so much like those young birds.  So many times I have found myself in a “low” place..too close to the ground, and closed in.  I fly in circles, never going anywhere.  Then it never fails, my Heavenly Father reaches down and picks me up.   He gently puts me in a higher place where I can leap out in faith and fly. 

What a wonderful feeling!



Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last night as we were walking on the beach we saw the most beautiful sunset behind us, and a full moon that appeared to be the largest of the year before us.  We watched as it slowly rose over the horizon, shedding light on the water below.  At one point it look as though there was a lighted path from as far as  we could see in the  distance over the water right up to the shoreline where we were standing.  (the picture doesn't do the moon justice).   As I stood there in awe, I imagined Jesus walking down that path on the water with his hands reaching out toward me.  I had a sense of peace as I thought of when He would return one day.  While no one knows the time or the place of His return, we know He is coming. But as I continued to look out over the ocean, I felt as if He were saying to me from the glow of the moon "I am here, And I am now".  We watched as the moon continued to rise, peeking in and out of the clouds.  I looked behind to see the last brush of color across the sky from the setting sun.  I was surrounded by glory.   It was a good night. 

 "......and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters".  Genesis 1:1

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Hike                                      
We had the privilege of spending last week in the mountains of South Carolina.  Needless to say the trails and waterfalls were amazing.  However I must admit that while I do enjoy short trips romping through the woods dodging low hanging limbs and tripping over large roots and rocks, the longer hikes are not for me.  Steve can hike for miles and miles and be in heaven while I try to contain my bad attitude and wonder why all the trees look the same.  

 However my attitude always changes when we finally come upon that one spot that we were looking for.  My eyes are open to the beauty that surrounds us as we stare at the waterfall ahead; a stream of water forcefully flowing over a series of rocks and ledges.  It is truly an amazing sight. We climb down to get as close as we can to the creation God has made.  Each time we must choose our steps carefully.  The ground is loose and the rocks are wet and slippery, but the view is spectacular.

While the waterfalls that we saw on our trip were as different as the trails were to get to them, the sound was always the same; the silent river above giving way to the crashing force of the water pouring over the rocks below.  In an instant that sound could wash away all my complaints of aching feet and bug bites.  How dare I worry about my own needs and desires, when I see what God has created before me?

The sight of water can be such a cleansing thing on so many levels.  Of course we use water ever day to physically wash away dirt and grime.  But the sound of water rushing over the jagged rocks of the falls makes me think of how God’s love rushes over the jagged rocks of our lives.  Nothing can get in the way of His love as he washes away our sins and doubts.  Just as the water flows over or around the obstacles of nature (fallen trees, rocks, etc.) God’s love finds a way to flow over the obstacles of our lives.   

Without a moment’s notice, the silent river that we have been floating on can turn into a rush of water that only God can guide us through.  That is when we should travel as close as we can to see His glory.  There may be some low hanging limbs that we must dodge, or some roots we will trip over, but the journey is worth it.  His love can reshape our lives just as the water reshapes the rocks of the falls over time.  God’s beauty is all around us.  We just have to make sure that we choose the right path so we don’t miss it. 

Let your love flow!