Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My husband has the privilege of giving communion to the residents of a local nursing home once a month, and I have the honor of helping! We went this past Sunday and I continue to be touched by the intellect and helplessness of some of the people who attend. My husband presented a question to the group by asking, “What can we give Jesus for His birthday?” Some of the residents muttered their answers under their breath while others sat, looking as if they were deep in thought. However this one beautiful lady, who was born with cerebral palsy, and could hardly speak, managed to say loudly, “OURSELVES”. Now that was the answer I was thinking of, but to hear it come from someone whose body was twisted and deformed from years of living with her condition, and who remained in constant pain, touched me. Her comment opened my eyes, and I saw her in a way I had never seen her before. I didn’t see a woman in a wheel chair, trapped in a body that didn’t work, or a woman who could not take care of the simplest of her needs. Instead I saw a woman who had the faith and the insight of a saint. I saw a woman whom God made and whom God loved. I don’t understand why Judy was born with this terrible handicap, but I do know that she has been blessed by God’s unconditional love, and she has blessed others with her childlike faith. If we could all understand what Judy seems to know so well, we would know that it doesn’t matter who we are or how we look. Jesus just wants us! What a great gift! Share His gift with others this holiday season and feel his blessings!

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