Monday, January 9, 2012

Where Are You Going?

The path is not straight, but the goal is clear

 Are we on the right path?  We hope so, but how many of us really reach our destination?   We have grown up hearing that Jesus is the only “path” to heaven, but what does that really mean?  Does it mean that being the best puts us on the right path?  Does it mean that knowing more, puts us on the right path?  Or perhaps it means that being special puts us on the right path.  We can all strive to walk on the path of righteousness.  However we may be walking alone unless we ask Christ to join us.  We don’t know where that path may lead. We didn’t create that path.  But if we walk with Christ, we can be assured that we will not get lost.  We may encounter some bumps along the way.  However,   we can tighten our grip and hold fast to the reassurance that we have a guide that will not lead us astray.  While our goal may not always be clear, His is.  He wants our path to lead us to eternal life in Him.   This is a goal that can be achieved if we only trust and look for the signs along the way.   

Let God lead you on the path to His love.  Let Him take your hand and guide you along the way.  He knows where he is going!

Walking in Christ,


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