Saturday, January 7, 2012


Days are like suitcases, all the same size but some people are able to pack more into them than others. 
Amish Proverb

Have you ever sat down at the end of the day and wondered where the time went?  If you are like me, you spend most of your days wishing you had more time!  I must admit that my life has slowed down a lot and I do have more time, but I tend to let it just slip away.  I spend my “time” thinking about what I need to do, but fail to do it!  I spend my “time” planning for things in the future, but fail to plan for today.  And I spend my “time” seeing what other people have done with their time.  Reading the proverb above made me think..what if we used our days like an old suitcase, really trying to pack as much in it as possible.  When we go on a trip, we tend to take the things we think we really need with us.  While our suitcases may be bulging at the zipper, we think we must have everything in that suitcase in order for us to really enjoy our trip.  Nine times out of ten, we really didn’t need most of the clothes we packed at all.  We end up worrying about losing our luggage and paying extra (when we fly) for things we could have left at home.  To be honest, we could probably survive with taking the smallest suitcase we have, and just packing a little differently.  Could we do that with our days? Perhaps if we thought more about our destination, instead how we were going to look when we arrived there, we could pack much differently.

 Let’s put it this way, we could pack ten suitcases with our entire life in them, but won’t get off the ground if we forget to book our flight!  Having priorities is the key to balancing the weight of our suitcases (and days).  We can make all the plans in the world of what we think we need to do in a day, but we won’t go anywhere if we don’t know where we are going.   Daily reading the Bible and seeking God’s help at the beginning of each day can help us “pack” what we really need for another leg of our journey. Some days our suitcases may feel heavier than others, but that is when we may need to make a baggage check!  Take out what you don’t really need and lighten your load.  You’ll be surprised at how high you will fly!

Soaring in Christ,


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