Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Spoken Cross

I was thinking of the upcoming Holiday season this morning..Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Hard to believe that a new year will be here before we know it.  Then a thought crossed my mind.  Easter..I love Easter.  I love it for the obvious reasons; the end of a cold winter and the beginning of Spring. There is nothing more exciting for me than to see the world come alive again with beautiful flowers and leaves.  Then I couldn’t help but think of what it really should be about..the cross, the “Spoken Cross”

Over 2000 years ago God spoke to his people once again.  It wasn’t through a flood, or the burning of a city, or even plagues of famine and death.  It was at the cross.  He sought us out, gave us another chance, and laid our sins on His son’s shoulders.  He loved us so much that He allowed His son to pay for what man did then, and what man still continues to do.  You know the old saying “actions speak louder than words”;  well the silence of the cross spoke louder than all the cries of the angels in Heaven that day so long ago.  It spoke of confusion, regret, and forgiveness.  It spoke of starting over and second chances.  It spoke of a love so great yet so misunderstood by some. And it spoke of coming to Him for eternal life.  The cross spoke through the blood stained wood and rusted nails.  It spoke through the crown of thorns and the sharpen spear.  It spoke through the laughter, the ridicule and the tears.  What are you saying today? What are you going to say tomorrow? What will you say when you see Christ for the first time?  The cross spoke for us, now it is time for us to speak for ourselves.  It is time to live each day as if it is a new Easter in our lives.  I hope not to carry the image of the broken cross with me in my heart, but rather the spoken cross that shouted out to the world, “You are forgiven”.  Speak loudly!



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