Friday, September 16, 2011


Well so much for this blog holding me accountable. I started it a few months ago in hopes that I would be more intent in having a quiet time and sharing my thoughts with others. But time and others things got in my way. I can say I had a busy few months with two weddings (including my own) and moving, but aren't we all busy? Of course, but what a relief that God is never too busy for us! As I was reading in Romans this morning, I realized that not only will others hold me accountable, but more importantly, God will hold me accountable for actions (or lack of them) and deeds. Romans 14:12-13 also made me stop and look at myself. Even though I depend on others, or things of this world to make me do "what is right", I shouldn't depend on others, or things of this world. Makes sense? Well I guess we can have it both ways. However I need to remember that while I can turn to others for encouragement, and accountability, the responsibility lies with me and me alone. Jesus used the fellowship of his disciples for comfort and companionship at times, but he didn't depend on them to help him have a personal relationship with His Father. That was his desire and need. I hope that I can begin, continue, and live a life of accountability before Him on my own and in the company of follow believers


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