Monday, October 3, 2011


My church recently had a revival.  Nothing new for many churches in our nation.  100s of church a year have revivals.  They are promoted and anticipated for months.  Sunday school classes cook wonderful meals and ladies in the church make the guest preachers feel welcome.  But it is more than that. Is it more than just the dedicated of the church to attend and be seen.  I have to admit that I have never been to a revival before.  I am a Sunday morning Christian.  I may do a little more on Christmas and Easter, and go on a youth trip now and then.. but going to church 3 nights in a row?  Who wants to do that?  But let me tell you it was one of the biggest blessing of my life.  The first night I attended was out of obligation.  Let’s admit it, I’m married to the preacher of the church, wouldn’t look good if I wasn’t there.  The second night was out of curiosity ,  I heard something the night before that got my attention..made me think.  And the third night?  Well that was out of conviction.  I was convicted to be revived, to be renewed, to be restored.  Sometimes obligation leads to curiosity and curiosity leads to knowledge.  Knowledge can lead to conviction.  Our revival services are over and done with, but God’s true revival will never be done, until the last days.  I hope to live not only in survival, but in revival as well.  The later is the best!



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