Saturday, October 8, 2011


Matthew 4:19

My husband is a minister and so from time to time (when I listen to his sermons :) I pick up something that I want to share.  He spoke about our GPS (we named her Lois) and the benefits of having a device that could help us get to someplace we had never been before.  I have come to rely on Lois which is both good and bad.  I have used her many times to get  to the right place, but have learned the hard way that I have to make sure that I plug in the right information.  One little mistake in the address can send you to the wrong place!  I have also "over used" her.  For instances, I have been to this one particular place three times now, but I still use Lois to reassure me of where I'm going. 
As Christians, we have our own know what I'm going to say right?  Yes God..He was around before Lois and unlike Lois, he will never take us to the wrong place, no matter what we do.  We can try to make our own way, follow our own directions, or the directions of others.    But He is always there saying, "recalculate", turn around..follow me"! He doesn't mind "over using Him". Sometimes we think we have all the answers and just need God as a safety net. But that's not what He wants.  He wants us to stay plugged into him at all times.   As long as we stay plugged into God, as long as we follow His directions, and as long as we fully rely on Him, we will end up in the right place every time.  It just might take us a while to get there, but journey will be worth it!
On the road again.

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