Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meeting God

We had discussion in Sunday school a few weeks ago about remembering how or when we became a Christian.  There were many wonderful testimonies that gave us all a lot to think about.  
We all look back on our faith sometimes and wonder how we got to where we are today.  I can’t remember a certain time when I said okay today is the day I’m a Christian, but rather remember just being raised to worship and love God.  I must admit that sometimes I envy people who have experienced that one moment when they got down on their knees and accepted Christ into their lives.  But I do feel that we all have very different and powerful ways of becoming God’s children.  He certainly wants that from the start for us, the moment we are born and even before!  But I also feel that it is a process that continues every day.  I feel that God knows exactly where we are in our walk with him.  Some may be jogging very slowly, just trying to finish another lap, while others may be in an all out sprint.   We all know someone (maybe us) who is standing on the sidelines just waiting for some encouragement.  And then there are those who are the constant cheerleaders.  The wonderful thing is no matter where we are, God will meet us there if we only ask. 

 I am reminded that when I taught Kindergarten, some of the children came to me in the fall knowing all of their letters and numbers, while others could barely write their name. As a teacher had to learn to recognize what level a child was on, and meet that child there in order to teach he/she in a way they could learn and achieve.  I didn’t expect every child to be on the same level at the beginning of the year or even at the end of the year. And I never made a child feel that they were “behind” if they weren’t at the top of the class.   I feel that is how God is.  He is there waiting for us to come ready to “learn”.  He doesn’t care where we are.  He doesn’t care if we were raised to know Him and made the decision years ago to be His, or if we just met Him yesterday.   He’ll meet us where we are, and raise us up. 
What a comfort to know that He accepts me for who I am, not for where I am. 



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