Friday, July 27, 2012


Whose footprints are you walking in?  Who guided your live?  Is it a parent, or a brother or sister? Is it an Aunt or Uncle you have admired for years?  Or perhaps a person you don’t know very well.   Maybe it could have been a grandparent who raised you as their own child, or a teacher who believed in you.  Whatever the case, I think we have all known someone who has made an impact on our lives. Someone who has had a quiet voice,  but heavy footprints.   ]Someone whose work had not gone unnoticed, but was not talked about.. Someone who served but didn’t want to be served.  I have known someone like that, and he is no longer with me. I don’t’ want to dwell on my loss, but rather acknowledge his victory.  I want to learn from a man who I only knew for a short time, but a man that I admire for his quiet confidence and kindness.  A  man whose smile said hello instead of his words.  A man who showed his love by his actions.  A man who was always there.  Loss is sadness and sadness is loss.   But peace and understanding comes with the quiet confidence that God is in control.  We are left with the knowledge that God knew exactly the time and the place He  would call His servants home.  Do not mourn for those who are gone, but instead rejoice in knowing that they are helping prepare a place for us!  What a privilege for them, that they were chosen first to be waiting for us to join them In glory…Praise God!



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