Wednesday, April 18, 2012

 Up To Your Neck

Have you ever felt like you were up to your neck in something and you didn’t know how to get out of it? I was looking over some pictures I had taken last year and I  came across this picture of our sweet dog Ellie.  As you can see it was taken in the fall after a morning of raking leaves.  One minute poor innocent Ellie was just watching me rake the front yard and the next minute she was buried in a pile of leaves up to her neck.  The look on her face told me she was not happy, but she had given in to her situation.  (I had to pull her out).    
I’m sure that she would have eventually wiggled her way out of the leaves, but I think it was easier for her to just lay there and wait for some help.  She knew I was close by and I wouldn’t leave her even though I was the one who put her there in the first place. 

Do you think that God puts us in some situations just to see if we can get out of them ourselves?  I am not one to believe that God “punishes” people for their sins by having bad things happen to them, but I do believe that it is God’s desire for us to grow in our faith.  I think that He may allow things to happen in order for us to seek His help.   Of course, just like Ellie, we make things worse for ourselves sometimes.  Ellie could have gotten out of the leaves before they got up to her neck, but she chose not to.  Before long it was too late and she was stuck. 

As Christians we get stuck all the time.  Things happen.  We wait, we watch and we do nothing.  Before long it is too late. We are blaming others, and at times God for “allowing” the leaves to fall down around us.  Instead of running, we stand there and get buried.   I don’t want to be that type of believer.  I don’t want to lay and wait for someone else to come along and help me when I can help myself through the power and strength of Christ.   I know that many days will come when I feel overwhelmed and buried in the struggles of life, but I also know that I can get out with His help!

Praise God,



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