Saturday, April 14, 2012

Inspiration Comes From Discipline

Well as you can see I again have stopped writing my blog for some time now.  I was proud of myself, taking the time each day to try and focus on quiet times and reflection, but I let time slip by one day, and then the next…you know the drill.   I never wanted to think of spending time with God as a “habit”, and so I decided to hold myself accountable by writing.  After all I really enjoy it, but like anything else it takes time.  I was talking to my husband about this one day and trying to make excuses as to why I had stopped.  I tried to blame my lack of enthusiasm (and laziness) on a lack of inspiration.  After all isn’t that what writing is all about…you have to be inspired to do something that takes time and effort?  NOT SO.  My very wise husband made a very profound statement and put me in my place!  He said that inspiration comes from discipline.  When I thought about it, I got a little mad because I knew he was right. 

      We all know what the word discipline means, especially when it comes to our children, but I wanted to fully understand the other meaning of the word.  There were several definitions in the dictionary but I think this one was what I was looking for; “activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training”.

     I started thinking about this definition and of course understood it immediately.  A world class runner doesn’t win races when he feels “inspired” to run.  It takes years of training, running miles and miles even if he doesn’t feel like it.  A surgeon can’t perform life saving operations only when he feels “inspired” to.  He must spend years in med school putting in long hours and doing what he has to do in order to learn, not what he wants to do. 

     We all get the picture….and so I won’t rely (or use the excuse) that I’m lacking inspiration to do what I need to do.   As my husband said, true inspiration comes from discipline.  It comes from taking time each day to spend with God; praying, reading the Bible…being in His presences.  That does take discipline!   I have so many excuses, but none of them are good enough to justify my lack of discipline. How can I expect to hear God’s voice for my inspiration if I don’t spend time with Him?

     I’m so glad that Jesus didn’t die for us because he was “inspired” to, but because He lived his life everyday displaying dedication and discipline for what he knew was right. He knew what his heavenly father expected of Him.

     As for me, I will dedicate myself to Him, and pray for discipline in my life.  Good days, bad days, rain or shine,  He will be my inspiration!




  1. YES! "Inspiration comes from discipline." You definitely have a wise husband. :)

    Renewing the resolve to stay disciplined is an ongoing process. And this Easter month this message is especially timely. Thank you.

    Here is one definition of Daily Inspirational Thoughts.