Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to my New Blog

Well this is all kinda of new to me!  I must admit that I am not a "Blogger" by trade, but did have a page when I was a teacher.  My name is Kelly Harrison (soon to be Spining) and you may not know me from Adam!  But I felt led to start this blog "Daily Following Him" or DFH for short.  I'm not sure what the blog will consist of yet, I hope to make posts full of inspiration and insight to things that speak to me.  This blog is really more for me than anyone else.  I really want to start a daily (needs to be hourly) relationship with my Lord, but I let so many things get in the way.  Maybe you are the same way.  I feel that this blog will hold me accountable in a way to read more, and seek things out that will not only inspire myself, but others as well.
I look forward to starting this journey!

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